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Brisbane Psychiatrists and Psychologists

The Yeronga Clinic's practitioners have extensive experience in clinical assessment and mental health care provision. The Clinic’s core values include evidence-based practice, adherence with current gold-standard therapeutic guidelines and emphasising patient focused care so as to promote meaningful recovery. Situated at 10 Orsova Road, the Clinic is conveniently located within 5 km's of Brisbane's CBD in the riverside inner southern suburb of Yeronga. The Clinic provides personalised, collaborative psychiatric mental health care and psychological services to consumers throughout the South East Queensland and Northern NSW regions.

What is rTMS/TMS?

rTMS (also called TMS) stands for “repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”. It is a newly approved treatment for depression which involves applying a magnetic field to a specific surface of the brain to create small electrical currents. Studies have clearly shown that rTMS is an effective treatment for patients with depression, and it is approved for the treatment of treatment resistant Major Depression by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.
The treatment is non-invasive and does not involve anaesthetic, seizure induction or loss of consciousness. The patient is completely alert during the procedure and is free to leave the clinic and continue their day following their treatment. When appropriate procedures are followed for patient selection and treatment, there are minimal risks with rTMS and any side effects are usually mild, transient and/or can be easily managed.

Teleconference Appointments

Tele-health consultations are also available for rural and remote or otherwise travel challenged patients, as well as for case or family conferencing. This service provides the opportunity for us to work with you to clarify care planning, resolve diagnostic discrepancies and improve peer-to-peer contact and discussion.