What's New at The Yeronga Clinic
April 2016

The Yeronga Clinic Tele-Health Access Program

Tele-psychiatry is an increasingly popular method of enabling rural and remote clients access to specialists. General patients and veteran populations can benefit from this increased access as it opens opportunities for their contact with specialists from their GPs clinic or even from their own home.

Our psychiatrists are able to consult with patients who are located in remote parts of Queensland and Northern NSW utilising Tele-Psychiatry. If you have a patient who needs an urgent appointment and they are located in a remote area, please contact our clinic with referral details.

Both Dr Dagge and Dr Goel have extensive experience with veteran health as a function of their ongoing positions at the Keith Payne Unit at Greenslopes Private Hospital. They have ongoing veteran clinics through their outpatient departments and regularly manage outpatients through the inpatient ward.

To improve accessibility to rural and remote general patients and veterans, they have introduced a Tele-Health Access Program through their private rooms at The Yeronga Clinic, the aim of which is to provide clinical reviews within one week of receiving a referral.

Our team of psychiatrists include:

• Dr Daniel Dagge – Psychiatrist (VMO, Greenslopes Private Hospital) 

• Dr Vikram Goel – Psychiatrist (VMO, Greenslopes Private Hospital) 

• Dr Sharon Foley  - Psychiatrist 

• Dr Peter Wheatley  - Psychiatrist  (VMO, Greenslopes Private Hospital) 

• Dr Thomas Moore  - Psychiatrist  (VMO, Belmont Private Hospital) 

To send a referral, please use Medical Objects, Fax (07 3892 5679) or Email Upon receiving the referral The Yeronga Clinic will notify the patient, and details of the initial assessment appointment will then be discussed. Following the initial assessment, an agreement may then be reached between the patient and the Clinic to engage in an ongoing individual treatment program.