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About Us

About Yeronga Clinic

Although the Clinic’s focus is primarily clinical, a number of our practitioners have interests in research and emerging therapeutics. The Clinic aims to promote the integration of the latest in technological advances in diverse fields such as pharmacogenomics, medical informatics, and neuro-imaging into the current therapeutic landscape.
Although mood and anxiety disorders are a primary focus of attention and an area of particular expertise, referrals accepted may span the spectrum of clinical disorders, from low to high frequency and low to high impact disorders. Furthermore, both principal practitioners have extensive experience in medico-legal and clinical forensic practice. Other areas of interest include Maternal/Neonatal Psychiatry and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry/Health Psychology.

Treatment Model

The Yeronga Clinic employs a two tiered assessment/treatment model, wherein initial appointments are considered strictly for assessment and decisions regarding an invitation to engage in further treatment/therapy through the Clinic are deferred until the initial assessment has been completed. As such the initial assessment appointment/s are focused on the development of a comprehensive history and a case formulation to feed back to the referring practitioner. The Clinic does not provide a commitment to offer ongoing treatment to individuals during the process of assessment.
If it is considered indicated and appropriate however, and following the completion of the assessment phase, the assessing practitioner may then discuss moving into a treatment phase with you, and will begin developing an individual care plan which will act as the basis for your ongoing treatment/therapy through the Clinic. This is a collaborative, dynamic document which outlines the goals of your treatment and the strategies that will be employed to help you achieve these goals. Further discussion will then be entered into regarding the structure of your treatment, in terms of frequency of appointments, enlisting external practitioners/agencies to address specific care plan goals (where necessary) and billing arrangements.

Teleconference Appointments

Tele-health consultations are also available for rural and remote or otherwise travel challenged patients, as well as for case or family conferencing. This service provides the opportunity for us to work with you to clarify care planning, resolve diagnostic discrepancies and improve peer-to-peer contact and discussion.