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Your First Appointment

What to Bring to your First Appointment

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before your appointment to complete the required paperwork.
  • It is important to bring the original of your referral (particularly if the Clinic has not received it) where possible, so that the assessing practitioner can ensure they are addressing the referring clinician's questions appropriately. This will also ensure you are able to receive the Medicare refund, and prevent frustration with that potentially complex process.

  • If you are taking regular medication/s it would be helpful to bring an up to date list regarding this from your Medical Practitioner or Pharmacist. Furthermore, documents outlining any allergies or adverse drug reactions, medical conditions (especially neurological if present) and significant past psychiatric history may also be helpful.

  • Recent psychological/psychiatric or neuro-psychometric reports, doctor's letters or paperwork relating to specific medico-legal concerns, pathology and/or radiological results are all materials that may be relevant to your situation, so we encourage you to consider bringing these to your initial appointments.

  • If it has not already been done, please ensure you have registered your bank details with Medicare so as to make your reimbursement process as easy as possible. Medicare no longer distribute cheques for processing refunds for medical appointments so it is importnat to have your bank details registered with them.
As part of your registration with the clinic we will ask for demographic details, and will provide material regarding our assessment/treatment model and privacy policy.